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About Us

Welcome to, e-shop with foods for vegans, vegetarians, but also for people who struggle with the various allergies to foods, who have the skin problems and who suffer from fatigue syndrom, for those who are not indifferent to the food origin. We are here for people who believe that the lost energy can be found in the health way of life and in the natural foods.

Veganism is a life style characterized with the effort about the respect of all types of life, about the improvement of the situation concerning the breach of environment and with the interest in the life style.

Veganism is one of the way how to limit the threaten shortage of food on our planet. For one kg of vegetable proteins we need 20 times smaller area than for breeding one kg of animal proteins, and we do not speak about the environment influence.

Properly compiled vegan foods (veganská strava) have in the contrary to the conventional foods several health advantages, mainly low content of saturated fats, cholesterol, vegetable proteins and high content of polysaccharides, fibers, magnesium, potassium, folic acid and antioxidants, like vitamine C and E. (Wikipedia)

Who we are?

We are a team of people, who are not indiferent about the situation in the last period of time. We are not the youngest but we do not belong to those who want to wait in a queue of „unnecessary“ persons who have to rely on mercy of state benefits in the form of pension or other financial aids.

During our whole productive years we worked honestly and gained the experiences. After completing the education we were engaged in the production of foodstuffs and their businesses, we got acquinted during our activities with the eating habits in many territories of the world. We know how Europe  takes its meals, what attractive can be found on foods in Japan, South-East Asia, in some parts of Africa continent, we know how Arabs eat. We know about the style of eating in America only indirectly, neverheless we are sure, which foods should be prevailled in human life.

We want to be usefull and we want to help! To help to people who slumped to the sticky situation because they did not resist the temptation of the various advertisings promoting world-wide known drinks or the fastest prepared food. To help to people who since their birth got stuck in the trap of overchemical world, where the pure water and clear air will be rationed within a very short time, who contend since very young age with respiratory problems, with the countless skin diseases or various allergies.

We care about our health and food habits, we care about health and food habits of our children and grandchildren!!

Therefore we would like to show you that some types of food may help at least as an alternative to food we eat now. We offer also products without the blood smell of slaughtered animals, products suitable for people with some type of allergy. We want to offer foodstuffs which are incredibly tasty, nutritious, light and stimulating immune system. We offer you the products, which are time-tested many years in Western countries – in Germany, Austria, Skandinavian countries. We are not fanatic advocates of vegans or vegetarians, we do not want to attack the consumerism of „conventional“ foodstuffs.

We offer you the ALTERNATIVE only, the possibility of your choice – for you, for your children, for all responsible persons with maximal focus to the quality!

Your Vegan Foods team