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DAME BLANCHE Chocolate Cookies, 300g

Art.No.: 21027 Product number: 0507025301698 Peanuts Free Peanuts Free
Carton: 15 pcs

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DAME BLANCHE Chocolate Cookies, 300g

Fine Chocolate Coated Double Cookies filled with Chocolate Cream are the novelties! Double Chocolate = Double Delight!

Composition: Fine dark chocolate 30% (sugar, cocoa mass, emulsifier, lecithin, cocoa butter), wheat flour, sugar, vegetable oil and fat (partially hardened), glucose syrup, cocoa powder (1,5%), soy flour, salt, baking powder, citric acid, vanilla flavour

Energy Value in 100 g of product: 2055 kJ/489 kcal

Proteins: 5,5 g

Carbohydrates: 67 g

Fat: 24 g

Art. No.: 21027

Producer: Gross

Weight: 180 g

Packing: 15 pcs in carton

Shelf life: 11 months




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