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New category: "Nutrition for Pets." Contains pure vegetable ingredients only.

Cream and whipped cream


Vegan whipping and whipped creams  for the decoration of sweets. Vegan whipped cream is a mixture of water and pure vegetable fat ready for immediate use. This cream is lactose-free, cholesterol-free and gluten-free. High quality of whipping and whipped cream is constantly under the checking of Öhmi Institute in Magdeburg.

SOYATOO SOY WHIP,  300ml SOYATOO SOY WHIP, 300ml Art.No.: 22014 Gluten Free Peanuts Free Proteins/100g  
2,79 €
SOYATOO RICE WHIP, 300ml SOYATOO RICE WHIP, 300ml Art.No.: 22015 Gluten Free Soy Free Peanuts Free Proteins/100g  
2,27 €
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