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Organic Bar Omega 3 Flax

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Organic Friends & Sports Manufacturer: Organic Friends & Sports
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Organic Bar Omega 3 Flax

The Bar contains 2000 mg of natural fatty acids Omega-3!!! It is our the richest source of Omega-3 fatty acids. It contains also 8000 mg of germinated flax and quinoa sprouts and offers to your body a very delicious possibility how to supply 2000 mg of high quality essencial Omega-3 fatty acids.

The bar is 100% natural. Take this small „bio“ always with you, mainly on your trips!

BIO bars are strictly herbal and organic energy bars. They are easily digestible and contain enough vegetable proteins.

Complex saccharides provide more energy for better performance. They do not contain white sugar. They are sweeten with the natural products like organic agave syrup, date paste and organic raisins.

All used raw materials fully correspond to the EU Standards and USDA, are certified, ecological and kosher.

During the production of all components the room temperature is not exceeded. It has an positive influence to the volume of enzymes, vitamines and nutrients in the bars. They are from 90 – 100% raw and therefore they are suitable as raw food.

Composition: Almond butter, date pasta, agave syrup, flexseeds, quinoa seeds, raisins, sesame seeds.

All ingrediences are controlled by State Biological Institute.

Energy and Nutritional Values in 100 g of Product: 1922 kJ/459 kcal, proteins 12,0 g, saccharides 46,0 g, fat 24,0 g

Product Number: 22040

Producer: Organic Friends & Sports

Weight: 70 g

Packing: 12 pcs

Quality: Organic, raw




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