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Soja Seitan Cereals


Seitan is a vegetable protein made of wheat flour. Gluten in connection with starch modified like protein concentrate - seitan is very nutritiour and easy digestible. Seitan is not suitable for gluten-free diet.
Seitan can be processed in the same style like meat, only the time of preparation is shorter. This vegan alternative of meat on the basis of soya and wheat proteins guarantees the sufficient intake of higly quality and health proteins. In addition the product is not genetically modified, it is without any colours and any preservatives and does not contain any flavour.

SEITAN FIX, 1000g SEITAN FIX, 1000g Art.No.: 21258 Soy Free Palm Oil Free Peanuts Free  
5,80 €
SEITAN FIX, 250g SEITAN FIX, 250g Art.No.: 21100 Soy Free Palm Oil Free Peanuts Free  
1,96 €
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